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Joseph Jeantet is a French painter based in London. For his fourth exhibition at Galerie de l’Europe, the artist pursues his quest for a body of work defined by impermanence. Applying pure pigments in a single gesture, he considers his canvases as natural formations, and he places at the heart of his research this original moment, where color becomes form. An unpredictable body of paintings unfolds, inspired by the strength and fragility of both the Surrealists and the Italian Primitives. Each of his paintings echos the previous, and makes possible the next. Each is a new beginning, an unfinished and indeed unfinishable score. He follows with his hand the shapes that emerge like foam on an unfathomable sea; allowing himself to be caught up in a process that he chooses not to control. A blind horizon that perhaps brings to the surface that which penetrates us.

Painting inquiries:
Galerie de l'Europe
55 rue de Seine Paris 6
Other inquiries:

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