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“My work focuses on the use of pure pigments, the volatility of which creates unpredictable results, and makes the act of painting a dialogue. I only judge that a canvas is finished when I can no longer see if it is gentle or violent, nervous or serene, strong or fragile ...”

Joseph Jeantet is a French painter based in London. After studying graphic design at University of the Arts, he founded a studio in Paris where music, photography and film converge. In 2020, he was drawn to rethink his practice as he reconnected with his first love: painting. His first exhibition took place the following year in Rue de Seine's Galerie de l'Europe to critical acclaim. For his second exhibition, Joseph Jeantet continues his quest for a work that is liberating - an improvisation open to all emotions.

He favours following ideas and forms that emerge as the foam on the surface of a sea – unfathomable. He immerses himself in a process that he chooses not to control. With pure pigments on unstretched canvas, he traces an unpredictable work, whose origins combine both surrealism and the Italian primitives in their strength and their fragility. He treads a line marked by impermanence, where opposites inhabit without opposition; seamlessly passing from blue to pink for this new exhibition. He balances a crevice of time between the past and the future, where nothing can be explained but reads in silent enunciation. 

Painting inquiries:
Galerie de l'Europe
55 rue de Seine Paris 6
Other inquiries:

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