Joseph Jeantet is a French painter based in London. After studying graphic design at University of the Arts, he founded a studio in Paris where music, photography and film converge. In 2020, he was drawn to rethink his practice as he reconnected with his first love: painting. His first exhibition took place the following year in Rue de Seine's Galerie de l'Europe to critical acclaim.

“My work focuses on the use of pure pigments, the volatility of which creates unpredictable results, and makes the act of painting a dialogue. This produces friable, unstable surfaces that do not seek to represent, but weave a thread back to childhood, when our relationship to the world was still aurorean. If they are devoid of narratives, my paintings trace an imaginary line, whereby each of them carries the seeds of the next; like a path on which we walk backwards. This blind horizon becomes a renewed freedom. I only judge that a canvas is finished when I can no longer see if it is gentle or violent, nervous or serene, strong or fragile ... when the border between these opposites fades, and from this disappearance is born the aesthetic experience. I have the feeling that harmony is a turmoil, a place where opposites merge. Beauty is when I no longer know.”  J.J

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Galerie de l'Europe
55 rue de Seine Paris 6
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